References: Natural hazards

Geological hazards in infrastructure FEDA

The study was performed in order to make the analysis of geological hazards focused on actual or potential conditions on various infrastructure owned by FEDA.

The areas where it was considered appropriate to conduct a risk analysis and possible solutions to reduce risk are those that meet the following criteria:

- Infrastructure affected by medium or high hazard according to the study of the zoning of the land by geological-geotechnical, 2001 issue (falling blocks, big moves, debris flows, surface movements) made by the Ministeri d'Ordenament Territorial through Euroconsult both at 1:5000 (general studies) and 1:1000 scale (detail studies after the year 2001).
- Infrastructure of high economic interest: Central FEDA, pipe forced of Engolasters and Valira Canal.
- Infrastructure the condition of which may induce an indirect risk to third parties (eg Valira Canal or pipe forced of Engolasters.

The required studies are carried out by Euroconsult with the same methodology and the same criteria that have been made studies of risks (both general and detail) by the Ministeri d'Ordenament Territorial, so as to obtain a uniformity results.

Studies have finally considered of interest according to the selection criteria applied have been differentiated into three groups:

• Group 1: Studies of detail in the area Forn de Canillo.
• Group 2: Studies of detail in the pipe forced Engolasters and Central Feda.
• Group 3: Sensitivity analysis of geotechnical risk versus conduction channel FEDA between Ransol and Engolasters.
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