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Protection against falling boulders for cogeneration plant of Feda plant in Roc de Sant Miquel

The works consist of the implementation of planned protection systems against falling boulders in the place where it plans to build a cogeneration plant of FEDA, in the Roc de Sant Miquel.

In total, the area to be protected is about 227 meters long divided into two sections dynamic barrier (134 m and 93 m, 5000 kJ barriers and 7 m).

Also expected stabilization directly by placing wire mesh in seven areas which are highly fractured, in order to reduce their danger present. In these areas is expected placement of mesh cable resistance 30 kN/m2 ("Quarox" or similar) in addition to placing bolts in those places where you need additional reinforcement.

The sites are located where protections are projected in areas considered as areas medium hazard and therefore need protection in order to build cogeneration FEDA.

These projects meet the objectives set in the "Study of the slope to falling boulders for construction of a cogeneration plant in the area of ​​Roc de Sant Miquel, El Tarter" which was drafted with dated November 2012 by the company Euroconsult, in which mention is made of the need for action protection to mitigate the danger arising from the falling blocks in this area. The study methodology validated by the system "EuroblocV2."

The installation of security systems in the area will lead to significant reduction in the risk of falls blogs about the place.

The planned works are necessary to locate and secure the effectiveness of protection according to their energy design, as well as to minimize the possible environmental impact that these may cause.
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