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Protections against devris flows and transport by erosion Solà Encamp

The purpose of the study was to analyze the danger associated devris flows that may affect a piece of ground located Solà Encamp and can be generate in Canadilla, Hortals or Aviar torrents, and perform an analysis of the danger associated with the erosion of the land and sediment transport potential for possible torrential floods. The area may be affected by a low-medium risk against this type of hazard.

The existing risk has been analyzed making:

- A description of the characteristics of the source area (volume and level of stability of the potentially mobilized mass, the geometry of layout and the presence of obstacles for each of the streams.
- A study devris flows student volumes, the stability of the potentially unstable the extent of devris flows considering the return periods and the location on the slope piece of ground (making a simulation model).
- A study of soil loss through erosion and empirical methods using a numerical model.

It also determines the possible location and characteristics that should be aimed at the protection retention of sediments, in order to allow the building piece of ground object of study, so that the risk residual once built is acceptable.

Establishes the retention volume, height and maximum load that should have protection for each torrents, either in the form of devris flows barriers, either in the form of concrete walls for channeling of streams in the form of different levels of protection. Also set your location to along the slope.

We will ensure that the implementation of protection does not entail a diversion of devris flows case these are clogging, so that may affect other pieces of ground.

In view of the expose considers that the residual risk is acceptable as long as the final design of the construction project for the modification of the piece of ground takes into account the aspects described in the study.
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