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Slope stabilization Roc del Quer

At approximately 22:00 on 5th June 2009 off a rock mass between 60 m3 and 80 m3 from the crest of the Roc del Quer at the height of the via ferrata Racons that reached the valley floor, affecting the dynamic barriers installed and the platform CG2. The release generated more than a dozen boulders exceeding 1 m3 - 2 m3 (some up to 8 m3 - 10 m3) and several hundred rock fragments. Some of the blocks, due to the high energy and had great rebound height as the road crossed both the river and stopped on the other side of the valley. Some blocks were literally stuck on the platform of the road to a depth of 1.2 m-1.5 m.

There was a strong storm between 8 and 9:30 pm, with hail and electrical much that left records of up to 20 liters in 10 minutes. Meteorological data FEDA, the day of detachment fell about 30 l/m2 rain Ransol station and about 33 l/m2 in the Central Escaldes, quantity to be considered outstanding and plentiful but not exceptional. The uniqueness of the event was the hailstorm. However, some of the locals say was triggered lightning detachment.

Falling blocks alerted neighbors of Canillo and patrol officers journeyed communal movement within meters of the detachment. The fact that the shedding didn inoperative CG2 road access Canillo and therefore a consequent diversion of traffic by the Coll d'Ordino, produced a significant social impact.

The damage caused by this detachment are located in the dynamic barriers installed in the area, via ferrata present on the platform of the CG2 due to the impacts of the blocks in the security fences and barriers bionda and in the Andorra Telecom line and potable water network.
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