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Auscultation mass movement El Forn

The release of El Forn de Canillo listed as hazardous area average global and localized high points. It is a very urbanized and commissioned by the Ministeri d'Economia i Territori, Euroconsult made a detailed study of the scale 1:2000 El Forn Great Movement which more accurately delimited hazard zoning and which was mentioned a number of recommendations to authorize the construction in the area. In this study we quote verbatim "a first approximation of the areas in which we believe necessary to conduct auscultations. Altogether proposed drilling of 12 boreholes equipped with piezometers vibrating string to analyze the behavior of water that is in the basement and if the changes in interstitial pressure may change the stability of the land. Auscultation the piezometric focus on the areas most sensitive to rising water table to determine in the future to predict convenience making possible drainage wells located in certain areas, particularly in the basal-east zone. Also proposed the establishment of 10 checkpoints auscultations movements using the method best suited to each of them (inclinometers, extensometers, etc.)".

Dated 7 June 2006 it was agreed to make a public tender for carrying out a campaign of geotechnical and geological prospecting in the area of auscultation movement Forn de Canillo. The company Geotech comes awarded prospecting campaign, the spanish company wins Mekano4 contribution of instrumentation, while Euroconsult is awarded the work of monitoring and control.

1 inclinometer installed in the S10 survey research with a depth of 49 m. This inclinometer is designed to detect possible ground movements in sublandslide Cal Ponet-Cal Borró with a higher level of activity than the rest of the movement of oven. This is a rather accurate with an error reading ± 2 mm per 10 linear meters of pipe (approximately).

To determine the depth of the ground water level and changes experienced over time, measurements are performed using piezometers vibrating string Encardio house, supplied by Mekano4. Piezometers were instrumented with vibrating string of surveys S2 ', S3', S4 'S8', S9 'and S10'.

To determine possible levels of sliding movement within the large landslide oven Forn de Canillo gauges were installed several rods in different polls conducted. The rod extensometers are intended to detect different levels of slip as the size of these. The gauges installed in the furnace Forn de Canillo area are three rods of resin, each installed and anchored to a certain depth. The anchorage area has been decided in accordance with the observations obtained in testificació surveys. This way you can see if there is movement detected at a depth or another depending on whether the motion is detected in one, two or three poles. Rods were instrumented with extensometers surveys S2, S3, S4, S8 and S9.

Collaborators: Eurogeotecnica, University of Barcelona (UB), Technical University of Catalonia (UPC)
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