IX National Symposium on unstable slopes (Santander, June 2017)

Euroconsult, consolidated experience in Natural Risks
The Andorran company EUROCONSULT, created in 1990, is committed to international participation in Natural Risks to improve the quality of its studies.

EUROCONSULT defends the importance of the continuous training of its work team, specialized technicians in various specific areas. In this sense, the aim of EUROCONSULT is to attend and participate in international forums and congresses to present, within the technical and scientific sector, the work it performs, especially in Natural Hazards, a very developed area in the territory of Andorra along the years
This year we highlight the assistance of several EUROCONSULT technicians to symposiums related to the effects of global change on floods and river geomorphology of high mountain rivers (Potsdam, Germany) as well as the risks for rocky landslides (RocExs) ( Barcelona, ​​Spain) and unstable slopes (Santander, Spain). In this last symposium, we can highlight the presentation of two articles related to two areas of the Principality affected by episodes of dragging currents:
"Methodological proposal and retrospective analysis of the disappearance of an ancient church of the XVII century due to a stream of demolitions in Andorra"
"Protective actions of the Torrent del Forn and the river of La Comella in front of episodes of flood currents for the urbanization project of the PP-SUR-17ª"
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